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You can apply for individual consultation in Entrendeurs Budapest! Our experts are here to help you in the process of staying your business. If you have specific questions or you just don’t know, what the next step is to start your enterprise, apply to us, and we will help you. Our instructors and mentors are great specialist of business development, financial, legal or intercultural questions. Bring your ideas and courage, and we will help you to grow! Admission is free.

Entrendeurs Budapest is a project conducted by Subjective Values Foundation and supported by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. The consultations are open only to non-EU citizens, who are legally staying in Hungary and are in possession of a residence permit.

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How to make money with hungarians

Wednesdays, 18:00-20:00


The “How to make money with Hungarians” is a series of free group consultations for non-EU entrepreneurs about the Hungarian market in general and the approaches you can take to enhance your business. It will help you understand how Hungarians feel about certain values and marketing strategies. To have more perspective on the societal circumstances we will be organizing certain games and activities trying to remodel the Hungarian community.


Edina Gábor

For the project documentation we need a copy of your Hungarian residence permit. Please bring it with you for the first consultation. The collected data will be kept confidential: In accordance with the Data Protection Act, it will not be transferred to third parties, and they are given only to the responsible authority.

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